Helping our Troops serving now, & those disabled
or hospitalized due to recent military service.

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West Point Society of FL West Coast held their Founder's Day Gala in Tampa at the Palma Ceia Country Club.  LTG Robert Caslen, Jr., West Point's Superintendent, was the featured Guest Speaker. 
He also presented LTC (USAF, Ret) George Hardy with the rarely honored "Friend of West Point".
Hardy received this honor for his service as a Tuskegee Airman "Red Tail" Pilot who flew 176 combat missions in WWII, the Korean & Vietnam Wars.

From left to right: 

*Lt. General James R. Ellis, US Army (RET) &
 Sponsor of Honoree of "Friend of West Point"
*Gerry Tausch, President of Grass Roots 4TT
*Honoree -Lt. Col. George E. Hardy, USAF (RET)
*Lt. General Robert L. Caslen, Jr, US Army
   & USMA Superintendent
*Hope Donnelly - President of West Point
     Society of FL West Coast & USMA Graduate


On our various pages are notes from the Troops thanking you,
our donors and volunteers, for your gifts & donations!

Grass Roots 4 The Troops
 is a 501c3 non-profit corporation
based in Florida. 
Your donations are tax-deductible.  We provide our Troops serving, those medically challenged due to military service, & local homeless Veterans with a variety

of unique solutions to fill their unmet needs.

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Biggest Cost
is the Mailing!!
Click anywhere on the picture left for a version of "Johnny Comes Marching Home". This video also shows the environmental hardships our service men & women have to endure under such mentally & physically chal
lenging situations. 

The Troops need us to buy other
items that are unavailable to them,
worn out, or not replaced.  There is no store around the corner:  Pocket-sized/travel toilet paper, dental items, lip balm, eye drops, muscle rubs & patches, travel-sized anti-bacterial sanitizer, snacks & foods appropriate to the region.  Our Volunteers
 create many special, handmade items: Cool Ties, Comfort Pillows, Ditty Bags, Knitted Helmet Liners, Ear Warmers,  Stoma covers & wrist warmers.

(See our
Volunteers Page &
Contact Page of items we make, send & deliver).

Just some of the basics ... there are so many more!!

Click on the underwater mine or drone deployment pictures below
for interesting videos:


Two "Camel Spiders" pictured here on right
are another challenge for our Troops. These (Solpugids) 
 are not dangerous to humans, though their bite is painful and can cause infection. They live in deserts - including caves & rocks - and are vicious nocturnal hunters to insects, lizards, rodents & small birds. 
Their top speed is an impressive 10 mph!

(North Atlantic Treaty Org. &
Int'l Security Assistance Force) 
providing information on news overseas...
click anywhere on the picture on left
and go straight to NATO & ISAF news
of the Troops serving now.

Pray for our fallen Soldiers.  Let us not forget
their dedication, bravery, and their ultimate sacrifice.


Click on the flag in airplane cargo, above left, for TAPS music video. 

Desert Storm
Click on the picture below middle
for the Battle of 73 Easting/Norfolk
video & narrative


The Vietnam War


Click on the Korean War Memorial above for
Rosemary Clooney singing:  I'll Be Seeing You

and  World  War  I  &  II...



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